Lowering terrain along a road using Sandbox tools

Hi. I’ve tried to lower terrain mesh along a road, to make the road 6 meters lower than the adjacent terrain. However, when I used push/pull I get issues with a lot of lines left from where I lowered the triangular SHAPEs of the road mesh terrain. I’ve attached an image. Please let me know how I can solve this issue. The current method of push/pull is very time consuming, and I would like to get this model done as quickly as possible (the site is rather large).

You’re probably not using the best tool for the job. It would help us to help you if we understood in more detail what you are trying to achieve. Lowering a road 6m into the ground is a heck of a lot and would normally mean creating a batter either side. You might do better to draw a line, say along the centre of your road, then create a profile for the cut, and use Follow Me to cut through the existing terrain. Just an idea.

Ok. Thanks. The issue is that we want the road to ‘cut through’ the site. So the distance won’t Always be exactly 6 meteres. In some places it will be 4 meters, in other places it will be say 3 meters. Is there a way to draw a line (profile for the cut, then follow me) that will achieve this? Please let me know,

Alternatively, is there a way to use solid Tools? I’ve got the road as a 2D Surface from AutoCAD dwg.

Have you tried using the Sandbox Stamp tool?

Thanks. Stamp tool worked. However, a hole was created in the middle of the model. Is there a way of filling the hole quickly? The road edges don’t have lines, so can’t snap to the road? Please help.

I would break your road up into a couple of sections so it doesn’t form a closed loop before you stamp.

Thanks for the tips.

I am imagining that the guideline I suggested could bend in both horizontal and vertical planes. Providing all the ends of the sections of line join up, you can use Follow Me along the meandering line.

@Box’s solution is faster but you end up with a dead flat road and vertical sides to the cutting, neither of which is likely to apply in reality. It all depends how realistic you want it to be as to how best to achieve your goal.

You can adjust the slope of the sides by typing in a distance before using stamp. The Roadway can also slope or be as irregular as you wish depending on what you start with. Stamp basically takes the ‘path’ you start with and attaches it to your terrain, with the ability to adjust the height. It effectively creating a cutting through your terrain on which you can construct a suitable road, abutments and surrounding landscape.


Thanks. I’ve used the stamp tool. Now I’ll use line/follow me to create the road. As you mention, the road created via stamp tool is not how the final road should look, but I should be able to sort that out with a bit of extra work.

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