Loop cut tool

in blender, there is a tool that does come in handy every so often. its called the loop cut tool.
in the picture below, what the loop cut has done here is create a loop around the center of the object, which in turn can be turned into a face or you can copy the edges of the loop etc etc.

for engineering parts, this is a handy tool to have.

here is a link for the manual that describes its use. I do not use blender very much, maybe used it 3 times total, but the loop cut tool was nice.


Loop Cut — Blender Manual

Check out Quadface Tools form Thomthom. It has sever al loop functions.


thank you:) i am looking at it now. I will have to watch some tutorials on this. It seems like a tool that i will like. I came from solidworks to SU a couple of years ago, about the time you modeled the mini steam engine haha. Its been 2 years and im still learning every day with sketchup:)

Couldn’t you use the section cut to group tool for creating the same selection?


Another option Tig’s Split to Plane will split it in two.
Split to plane


that is a cool tool. that will come in handy for alot of things i do.