Loop cut tool? Dividing shapes?

Hi everyone.
I am trying to create windows from a texture by splitting faces and applying a texture in the face created ( I have to do this because the textures are all on one image). Is there a more efficient way to create unifom cuts through the entire shape faster than connecting dot to dot using the pencil tool? This has taken up lots of my time already and my motivation has gone out of the window. Take a look at the image.


Move copy array tool

Followed by group selection of all cutting planes (at once), so that you can run the ‘Intersect Facesw/ Model function as a single action—which is found on the right click context menu.

intersect faces cutting planes

Better alternatives may exist:

you can likely carefully select a single floor w/ texture already applied and move/copy/array that just as well.

This really is better handled by setting up Groups or Components and making use of the benefits which those SU features add when their applied to repetitive modeling opportunities.

lastly, don’t loose sight of the time honored tradition of cutting your losses—and rebuilding with a better methodology when it’s worth doing so… I only mention this as a friendly reminder, and NOT necessarily as a recommendation for this model. You’re in a far better position to decide this than I am.

You certainly have much that can be kept on this model (such as the entire top section of it)… Getting rid of the bottom floors and revamping those would be easy to do—and the benefits of doing so may outweigh the anguish of deciding if it’s worth it after all.

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select the drawn windows in a parallel view (Camera>Parallel) standard view (Camera>Standerd Views>Left/Right/front/back), move copy downwards

You started a new thread with the same questions you have about dividing shapes.
(see: Drawing lines through multiple verticies)
Was there anything wrong with the answers @DaveR and I gave?
It’s best practice to continue the first thread with additional information instead of starting an identical one with no response from your side.


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