Looking to 3D Model Existing Home and collaborate on Remodel design


I’m new to SketchUp but have worked with other 3D packages in the past for home projects.

It’s been very frustrating for me in the past when I’ve found a package kind of works but then the file format changes or the product discontinues. A few years ago I was using TurboFloorPlan. It seems IMSI acquired another product and now the format / software is completely different with no upgrade path. They’ve lost me as a customer.

I’m now wanting to build a 3D plan of my current home. I have architectural house plans which can be used as a base. I then want to create a new version with my planned extensions which will include pool / landscaping.

I’d like to set upon a file format that is going to stick around and it seems SketchUp is here to stay. I’d also like a program that I can tweak the design that doesn’t cost a fortune (SketchUp Make sounds good!)

I also like the idea of SketchUp having a viewer so that I can share with a pool company/ landscaper to assist in them providing a quote or refer to during build. TurboFloorPlan used to have a camera view for moving around the model that worked okay. I imagine the view mode in SketchUp works much the same.

So I’m keen here any for views on whether SketchUp Make is the way to go. Alternatively, can a SketchUp Pro file be opened in SketchUp Make? I don’t really want to be locked into an annual subscription as my “projects” tend to span some years. Although I guess I would at least still be able to access the viewer without paying an annual pro license?

I don’t really want to spend weeks learning a new product. So I think my best course is to pay someone to convert my existing house architectural drawings to a 3D model in sketchup pro or make.

I’d then like to be able to collaborate with someone by sending scanned hand sketches of the changes I am looking to make.

Does anyone have comments or suggestion on whether my approach / software selection is sound? Should I go Pro or Make?

Also, is there is good way to engage someone for this collaborative work. Are the “freelance” websites like Upwork etc the way to go?

I don’t think I need an architect as what I am proposing is quite simple and I’ve got a clear view of what I want. I’d be happy to work with a keen student who’s got a good grasp of SketchUp. Also, interested as where I might determine the going market rate for a competent 3D modeller working remotely.



I could help you with that. I have sent you an personal message. You can also contact me via my website at Contact Us – Renewable Engineering.

  • Tom

Hi Adrian
This Gig may help you

You can have shots, visualisations from different angles.
Also, you can ask for a customized order including a video real-time experience as if somebody is walking through the building indoor and outdoor or as if the building is filmed from different angles from above and with a flying camera.

If you’d like, you can also learn how to do SketchUp really well in two
days. I teach an online course, one on one, and we could model your house
as part of the lesson. That way if you want to make changes later, you
don’t have to hire someone, so it may actually save you money.

My prices are found at straykatstudio.com

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