Looking for advice on my current project

this is a half wall I built in the entry way of my house, the photo on the left the wall is 6 1/8" plus a 6" base board and the photo on the right is 4’ plus 6" baseboard. so my question is do I need to put any kind of railing or guard on the half wall as per building code? I tried googling it and didn’t really find anything useful. I want to keep it as is because I don’t want to obstruct the view from the entrance of the rest of the main floor but I also want my house to be as accurate as possible including following the building codes. just really looking for some suggestions.

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![IMG_4607|375x500](upload://3kcL3sbRWtnF3DBqhLMYBf3Le9P.jpeg) ![IMG_4608|375x500](upload://s49opXSkGSLYLG1B3eU6ia62Q7X.jpeg)

Your image is not coming through. The building codes are now often online posted by your state or province. Without knowing where you are one could suggest what the international code says but there may be local interpretations. I won’t comment as I don’t see the image or the issue, but the requirement for guard rails is usually based on the height of the drop off down from the walking surface.

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