Looking for a Rendering Plug-In recommendation

No one mentioned Podium? I’ve always found it to be very quick compared to my limited time with Vray…and significantly cheaper.

V-ray of course is superior with many more options, but a far steeper learing curve.

Thank you for that one!

i will check it out - thanks!

Yes, I’ve used Podium as an entry point to rendering, and liked it. It seemed to be causing SU to hang on Quit, so I have it temporarily disabled.

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Hi Heather, I use Twilight Render, really easy to use, I’m not in the photorealistic rendering business, I’m an architect that wants something better than the line work of Sketchup, something really easy and fast, Twilight does the trick for me and it’s very affordable, here is a sample of my renders:


Thank you Rowaz! Yes, I am in a similar position (although strictly residential) and it sounds like you get it. I Really appreciate your comment and picture… ! and I will check out Twilight Render

You have to close the Podium edit window before saving/exiting Sketchup. It tripped me up many times before realizing it was still open in the background.

Hmm, it would happen even without using Podium, though I would always leave the floating palettes out.