Log file keywords

Hello everyone.

I’m in the process of looking through a log dump as a means to debug an issue with a crash for a Ruby plugin.

The log consists of the following information at the end:

Undo(Arc/Circle Path)

Does Tool(RubyTool) denote a custom tool interface through callbacks made from SketchUp? Also, what does the (Macro) portion in the Start(Macro)Tool(RubyTool) refer to, exactly?


I think macro means some Ruby operation - though I’m not sure.

I might be able to provide with some better clues if you sent the BugSplat. If you can give me some info I can look it up by - like if you entered your name, email or some description.

Awesome. I actually sent a report twice, yesterday. I used my name and email; do you see it on file?

If you PM me your email address I can look it up.

I sent the P.M. Have you had a chance to take a look?

I had a look, all the crashes end up at the same point. But unfortunately they end up in Ruby itself and we don’t have debug symbols for that.

Do you have a snippet the reproduce the crash?

I wonder, if this might be similar to another issue I ran across once where changing the active tool in the middle of a Tool’s mouse event caused a crash because it deleted the current C++ tool instance which in turn was called by SketchUp as part of post-processing the mouse event.