Locating trees on plot map

I was curious if there is a plugin etc to locate trees on a plot map? Without a survey of the property i was going to just do a google earth view and approximate the trees, but its not a very precise location and they might not except it… Basically the local board is wanting to now locate all trees on the property for permit sets and trying to find a quick (relatively speaking) way to locate them and on our sheets. I have a feeling we will just have to pay a survey company each time, but that significantly slows things down since we would be at the mercy of there schedule.

To locate one or two trees where you already have a known building is one thing: two distance measurements off the building and you can swing arcs to locate it in plan. A whole lot full of trees on undeveloped property is another story. A surveyor would do a proper job of it. Such a survey usually includes location, size and type of tree for each tree.

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