LO Extension wishlist


Since SU 2018 SketchUp has had a Ruby API for LO documents. I have no information on the subject but suspects/hopes a live API is coming some day, so we can use extensions within LayOut. I was thinking we could start a list of what extensions we would like in LayOut. I’ll start!

  • SketchUp like Select, Move and Rotate

  • Tools for assuring stacked viewports have exact matching cameras

  • Selection Toys

  • Streamlined UI for setting viewport scale (just write 1:100 or 1" = 45cm in a text box, no list to search in)

  • Setting scale for isometric drawings (these needs to be slightly scaled up as the axes the scale should apply to are not in the image plane)

  • Scaled Perspectives (scale applies at a custom depth, e.g. the active section cut)

Any other ideas?

SketchUp in 2019: where great ideas get to work

1] Components in LO… should be a native capability though… years ago

2] Area measurement, in paperspace or scaled viewports


Item 1 on the agenda for me would be to have tools in LO work more like they do in SU. For example, either better inferencing or at least construction type lines for the purpose. Also, more intuitive dimensioning and more advanced text options, especially tables (which are still very basic). Personally, I would like to be able to set certain defaults for how things work. For example, I would like to disable the ability to modify a window by default but retain the ability to turn it back on again on the very rare occasion that I might need to do so.


After I posted I also got to think of components. You can’t have multiple instances sharing the same definition like in SU; but you could emulate it by having all changes drawn to one instance being duplicated to all the others. No file size reduction but from a user point of view it would be very similar.


Adding some of my favorite ideas from: SketchUp in 2019: where great ideas get to work

  • Auto zoom extents viewport (with the option to “snap” to reasonable scales like 1:1, 1:2, 1:25, 1:50, and multiples of these).
  • Radius and diameter dimensions


Radius and Diameter dimensions in LO are the most wanted feature I can personally think of right now. But I think they should be part of the core of LayOut as opposed to an extension. I think it’s a missing fundamental that should be included anyway.


Agree, it’s really just an expansion of the existing dimension feature, and a quite fundamental feature that I don’t think would be bothering anyone.

Edit: A lot of these things are. Selection Toys and Scaled perspectives are probably the only features in this list I wouldn’t want to see as native features.


The other drafting tools I’ve used/ use have it. I don’t see why it’s not already there, it would make LayOut really complete, at least for me anyway.


Hello Eneroth3, here’s my list. (with explanations)

Please know that I also strongly support yours. Selection toys… yes yes yes.

The scrapbook method is awesome and brilliant, but doesn’t apply to every situation. Per example, I have an evacuation plan with 200 icons of fire extinguisher. If you want to modifier this icon, you have to replace them all one by one.

Dynamic Component
I use DC in other software for thing like scales, rules, bullets, markers.

Field attribut
The field attribut already exist in layout. I use it for page number and such but I would like to have coordinates x, y, z. This would be great for markers and create rigging plot. Because of this lack, I have to use Autocad to do my rigging plot. I wish I can do them in layout one day!

Multiple Unit Dimension
In my business, almost every thing I produce need to be metric and imperial. I then have to add a second unit to my dimension, manually. Every day, for almost all my document. You can imagine how much time I would save having multiple unit dimensions.

Zoom entend for viewport
When you play with your viewport window, you change the view scale, the drawing get bigger but the frame doesn’t follow. You have then to constantly adjust the frame to the model. You’ll tell me it’s only a few more click but when your model is heavy, the process is very slow and painful. This option exist in sketchup (Ctrl-Z I think)

Vectorial pattern
This would be great to see in a published pdf but It might slowdown the engine too much. This is not a must, just an idea.

Creating Hitch Boundary.
When you draw construction details and you add pattern (hatch) You have to redraw on top of a the model to create boundary for the hatch just like the old days in Acad. Would be nice to just click in a close area and the software would generate a close shape with pattern.

2D Tool just like SketchUp
The 2D tool are getting better and better in LO but it’s not there yet. Drawing polyline is simple, but modifying them is a nightmare. Also the auto connect line drive my nuts. What if part of my line is dashed and part is not. Impossible to achieve unless you group them independantly.

Add bounding box to leader
It’s possible to add box to leader but you have to edit the nested text. It’s another one by one task.
EDIT: I realized this is now possible in 2018. Once you add the box to the text, you can pick the style and the next leader creation will have a box around it. THX SU team!

Add locus point to circle
Right now, I manually add locus point to all my circle and add an X to all my timber ends. This is not too painful but would be nice to have an extension to do it for you.

Add radius and diameter dimensionning.
It works only when the model have a proper arc or circle, but if there’s not, you can’t measure the rad and dia.

Full control of the SU Style
I think that wouldn’t be an extension but more a mods in the core program. This would be sooooo logical to have control on this from Layout. Also full control of shadow , fog and of course, visual style.

Possibility to turn shadow on, with the hidden line view style.
I simply never understood this limitation. I use hidden line often to simulate B&W or clay style drawing, but I can’t have shadow on!!

Structural Grid maker
Creating structural grid in sketchup is not too bad (I use the Nick Sonder method) but when you need to modify it… it become hell! I often delete the all thing and start from scratch instead of fighting with the stupid auto connect line feature. I see a system similar to dimension when the model move, the grid fallow, but the bullet at the edge of the page would remain at the end of the page. When you need to move your viewport on your page, almost your entire grid need to be re-done. Revit have something well done too.

Scale Maker
I saw it already exist on extension warehouse. I’ll have to try it.

Base point dimensionning.
You have continuous feature by double clicking on the next point. That’s cool. But base point dim is also often requested by client.

Text getting better
This is not an extension request, it’s a weird problem LO have from the beginning. I found it very painful and difficult to edit text in LO, and I don’t understand why. When your page is filled with text, you have a feeling you work on a 1980 computer. It’s just text.

Vector bug
Again not an extension but very annoying. I did a big thread in this forum about it. I think the SU team is working on it. The bug fill with faces unwanted and unfilled area in the model.

SketchUp in 2019: where great ideas get to work

if i may sir.

component this would be cool i would also like more control over my scrapbook…i am pretty sure there is i just have not ventured it in depth.

2D Tool, you do know you can turn off auto join for lines correct,?

Vector Hatching, what would be so lagging about vector hatches? they should be native to S.U. IMO i often make mine because i don’t like the way they appear in hybrid mode from images.
well,l will add they look a lot better in Revu than in adobe

add locus point may i suggest in a friendly way to use the plugin from Smustard for center point “i swear it is the most common plugin i use, it is simple” and my screen is pretty plugin heavy.

the vector bug … this can be a P.I.T.A but if you have to save a style change update the model then revert your change it usually works for me just throwing it out as a reference that has been a work around for me at times

Text getting better this drives me slap frigging crazy at times, slap crazy is a american southern term sorry about that.

add bounding box to leader you lost me

my biggest concern would be performance, but if you know how to approach your model and layout files the issues can be almost be avoided but that is a whole other thread


Really!!! how you do that?


Select the Line Tool then right click, you can uncheck “auto join” in the menu there. When you do that any lines you add to existing ones won’t join automatically. You can also use the Split Tool to split existing lines into different segments at any point you wish, then apply different line styles to those segments.

Hope that helps.


:+1: we all learn from one another