Live Modeling a Gingerbread House

Goody gumdrops! On SketchUp Live this week – @TheOnlyAaron models a gingerbread house.

Don’t look too closely at that plan ^^^

Turns out it’s harder than I thought to find a mock construction document of a gingerbread house :joy:

Watch the scrumptious stream on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


I searched the net with “blueprint of gingerbread house” and found many interesting designs.

You can’t tease us like that and NOT post any images Jean!

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OK, you asked for it.

Only a plan here:

This one seems quite complex. Open the web page and scroll down for the complete recipe.

There are so many, I could spend days in searching for the best.


These are Humbugs


Oh, you mean berlingots :artist:

edit : oh I see humbugs have various shapes, balls, longs… French Berlingots have this distinctive shape only

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It seems the Swedish Polkagris ia basically the same

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Great session guys, good work Aaron and Charles


Many Thanks Aaron and Charles for another great one, Cheers, Transom

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well, yes and no, I’ve been to Gränna (and contracted diabetes in a few hours there), they look similar, but berlingots are not peppermint flavoured… and they are about 500 years older :stuck_out_tongue:
But really, when it comes to traditional candy, who cares, so long as it tastes good :slight_smile:

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