Live Modeling a Coffee Shop Shell & Building Context

Settle in with a cup of joe! Join Eric as he lays out a collaborative workflow for a complete coffee shop.

He starts out with the footprint of an existing space and builds out the shell and building context.

Then he establishes space planning while drawing from inspiration.

Tune in for SketchUp tips you can use in your next project. See you there!

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If I could suggest a constraint: no 3D Warehouse allowed. Create low-poly concept furniture on the spot. Every day someone posts a model they have succeeded to kill by bringing in all the bloated manufacturer’s models from the Warehouse.


I love where you’re going with this @Anssi . I would agree that the goal is to build it all out from scratch with no/minimal use of 3DW as needed. We shall see if we can do it!

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Great idea! The 3D Warehouse models can be real Model Bloaters. How about if when we share models on the Warehouse we make a low poly version too? Cheers, Steve (Transom)

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Looking forward to this one. :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

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Me too. See y’all in an hour.

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Great session, really looking forward to see how this collaboration goes

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Thanks @keggification for watching. For those that missed it live, catch it here:

This is where we got to today. Right where I was hoping we would leave off – Basic architectural envelop and exterior done. Barista counter/back of up house next!