Live API example help

Hi! I’ve made great progress since yesterday :joy:

I’m tyring to get the live api example working.

In the linked document, lines 1&2 are as follows:

#include "example_config.h"
#include "example_export.h"

I can’t find these two files (& neither can the compiler).

I think that


will be generated by the make file, on line 44, but as I’m new to all this, I’m not sure how to make that happen (sorry)

  # Generate version info header:
  configure_file( example_config.h)

I can’t find any other references to


I’m working in Visual Studio 2022

any ideas for me? Thanks!

That example project relies on CMake. And those files are generated when CMake configures the project.

Have you looked at the how to build CMake project pages?

Alternatively, we have a more general section for Visual Studio instructions without any CMake: