List of manufactures in 3d warehouse

Is there a list of manufactures for 3d wharehouse. I spend too much time scrolling through for a product. How is this done effectively?

What sort of products are you looking for?

In advanced search options you can select whether the model is from a manufacturer. That helps a lot. I don’t know if there is a list of manufacturers, but you could search on one of their signature items, and quickly find out if they are involved.

I am an interior designer. I look for various products. Right now I am looking for a bubble chandelier by Pelle. I am taking too long to search for a specific product. This used to be easier when google owned the product.

This one?

I entered Pelle chandelier in the search line.

I can’t immediately see Pelle as a manufacturer involved in 3D Warehouse, maybe they should be.

I see other people have modeled their stuff, if it would do:

psaal, though somewhat shy like me, is the most important person in 3D Warehouse. He hopefully will have a follow up comment.

I didn’t spot that one, but “marked001” doesn’t quite sound like official Pelle.

No. I recognized that. But maybe it’s the one. Point is, entering the manufacturer’s name in the search can help. It’s also worth noting that not all manufacturers have a presence in the 3D Warehouse. Maybe they should.

Thank you so much for the research you have done.

This is the product I would love to find.

Thanks, but not quite as nice as the one I want.

So would you model it on your own if it’s not available in the warehouse? The manufacturer has a cut sheet with 2D drawings and dimensions so you could create your own representation of it fairly easily.

I suppose I could, but, I’d rather “go shopping”. That’s what I call finding things in 3D warehouse.

A ‘reverse Fredo Portrait’ extension would be perfect for these situations!
Other possible ‘shopping’ options:

which has requests

I think I know what the OP wants. I sometimes make use of Fastrack CAD where you get a list of manufacturers and the CAD files they produce. Although it was an excellent idea, it was never taken up by enough firms. Even those that did were very selective in which products they would release CAD files for. Also, over time, firms have got better at providing that kind of resource on their own websites. I have (very occasionally) come across firms that offer SU files but they are as rare as hen’s teeth.

the ‘Product Connect’ extension was intended to cater to this ‘niche’…

creating DC’s for manufactures and easy access to them in the 3D WH for designers…

it seems to be neglected since even before mike joined the SU team…


Wow! Product Connect sounds too good to be true. I will navigate to that website. Thanks John.

thanks for the "fasttrack CAD. I will definitely take a look. As a designer, I fill the space with beautiful products that someone else builds. I don’t have time to build the products. Also, if a client loves a product, I had best know where to buy it. I just wish all manufacturers would see the benefit this has to all involved.
thanks again for the feedback.

Thanks Ann. We are definitely listening! Stay tuned.


I appreciate your listening and am looking forward to the Sketch Up team’s update on this.

Appreciate the nod, @john_drivenupthewall. A nice little trip down memory lane.