Light blue lines around model

How do I get rid of these blue lines surrounding my model? They show up in the 2D graphics as well.

Looks like you’ve edited the edge color for the style or selected a style with blue edges.

Show the edge settings in the Styles panel.

What operating system are you using? Please correct your profile.

The only thing checked under edge settings is profiles (2) and dashes. Color: all the same

Can you share the .skp file? I’m guessing it’ll be too large to upload here. If it is, upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

So the style you have selected does have the edge color set to blue.

Select the style and click on the Edit tab. Look at Edge Settings
Screenshot - 5_7_2021 , 1_55_24 PM

Click on the blue square and edit the color back to black or whatever color you want.
Screenshot - 5_7_2021 , 1_55_41 PM

Click OK.

Then click on the style thumbnail at the top left of the Styles panel to update it.

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