Len attributes not updating after rotation

Stumped. Want the LenX to update after a change of ANGLE, it just won’t.

Swivel Bracket.skp (86.7 KB)

Just rebuilt it to see if maybe that would clear it up but no.

Edit: Updated file, was missing Angle attribute.

Swivel Bracket.skp (103.5 KB)

Dan’s “redraw siblings” works

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Hey Philip thanks for the help. Just tried the one from this thread, no joy.

okay does not work for 90,
(the hidden complexities of the original code)
but does for 89.999, so can limit the scope so 90 is read as 89.999
smallest(angle, 89.999)

if angle greater, (fairly unlikely in this case) then incorporate an if statement

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because likely use -90 as well, then probably best to use

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Ok so it won’t work for me at any angle… just tried a bunch. Do I have the wrong redraw all by Dan, there are a few around lol…

actually -90 works anyway

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this one I have installed
redrawall.rb (1.4 KB)

Yep that was it, wrong version of the redraw. Thanks Philip!

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