Force Redraw

Does anyone know how to force all DC selected to redraw. I am extracting area information from faces but I can change the face size and close the component without it being updated. Then I have to click on each individual and redraw to be sure it’s updated before running a report.

Have you seen the code snippet(s) I posted in this topic …

Redraw all dynamic components? - #15 by DanRathbun

@DanRathbun I had not but I looked at it. That’s over my head. Thank you

Well the simplest thing to do is copy this .rb file, and put it in your "Plugins" folder.

redraw_DC_siblings_context_cmd.rb (1.9 KB)
Then right-click a selection of DC instances to see the 2 new redraw commands.

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That works like a charm. Can’t thank you enough.