Layout to PDF font issues

Same issue here. And I have urgent deadlines. Not sure what to do…reinstall 2020??
Any known workarounds/tricks to getting it working?

I’ve decided print out to PrimoPDF that I have installed rather than mess about saving as 2020 and exporting to PDF.

It’s not too onerous - at least in the print dialog box is easier to highlight the range and just type a single page number to print out single sheets…

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I guess try and print to PDF rather than export. Windows has to come in and save the day here?

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Doesnt work for me since the PDF export reduced the quality of my opaque image in a strange and ugly way.
This was using the Adobe PDF (professional) exporter/distiller, with the High Quality preset and the “version 8” compatibility (so it should support transparent raster images and colour).

So that workaround didnt work,

I did Identify there is an issue with the TAB character when used on multiline text.

I replaced my Tabs with numerous Spaces and that solved my immediate problem.

Might work for others?
@adam any ETA on a fix for this?

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I’m experiencing the same issues with my PDF exports. The pdfs are made with non-uniform font sizes and creates checkboxes where there should be bullet points. To clarify - the non-uniform font sizes appear to happen when in a List Format.

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We believe we have fixed the tabbing issue in the latest patch release of LayOut. See the release notes here: SketchUp Desktop 2021.1.1 | SketchUp Help


Hasn’t solved this unfortunately :frowning_face:

In Layout:

Export to PDF:

If this is the Bahnschrift font, I see this in other applications (word, Illustrator) too. Only the Regular weight seems to work.

It’s not - it’s Lexend.

EDIT: Actually it’s Lexend Deca (there are other variants)

But it also happens in Arial (I’ve posted about it).

Release 21.0.391 (Win) was fine.

21.1.279 caused this issue and the latest patch doesn’t solve it.

In Layout, Lexend & Arial:

Export to PDF:

It looks like a new release is out today to fix this.

I’ve installed the new release - it’s not fixed


yep - earlier this evening

Screenshot 2021-06-29 221410

dang it :confused:

I found a 2pt font difference between numbers by letters and numbers on their own line.

Hi Paul could you share that file with me?

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Also when exporting to PDF, there are not recognize greek symbols; See attached image.

greek symbols, see attached photo.


Files attached…

21.1.xxx_Font_Issue.layout (20.5 KB)

21.1.xxx_Layout_Font_Issue_Print_to_PDF.pdf (30.7 KB)
21.1.xxx_Layout_Font_Issue_Export_to_PDF.pdf (28.9 KB)

Thanks Paul, we will be looking into this.


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