Layout Snap Logic - Feature Request - Grab from Center

Thanks for chiming in @adam! If you had not spotted that, I would go on thinking my setup/version was screwy. I LOVE Layout for drafting and I have tried every software you can imagine from Flash to AutoCAD to Vectorworks… So please keep on improving LO!

There’s a similar issue with how it works as a rotator as well; you can’t set an initial rotation on the dongle for it to act as a two-point rotation tool.

Yes, this would be great to get worked out!

And while we are talking pick/select/snap, I also think the selection cycling is a little odd…

When you want to select something, you need to click on it (makes sense).

But, when you want to move something, you can EITHER click/drag on the object OR click anywhere within its bounding box IF nothing is underneath.

This is NOT the case if something is underneath the bounding box, you end up moving the object below by accident…

Jul-06-2020 13-49-25

I think its confusing because it would be more natural if it was way or the other ( bounding box or object moves selected) independent of things below.

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