Layout screen update

I use imported pdf images as location plans in Layout. But zooming in to add notes causes the screen to freeze for upwards of 30 seconds every time.
Is there a solution?

Hi Paul,

To what do you have Display Resolution set? You might try setting it to Low. Or you might try making a low res image to stand in for the PDF and later, before export, replace the low res image with the higher res image.

Are you still using SU2018 as indicated in your profile.

Yes, it was set to high! I’ve set it to low, but frankly it hasn’t made much difference. The layout file is only 2Mb, and the pdfs (there are three in the page) are 560kb, 1.4Mb and 1.4Mb. So not big files…

Would png or jpgs be better?

I’m using 2020 (and have updated my profile!)

You could try PNG or JPG images to see if you get any difference. It might be easier to create low res images from those types.

Most likely what’s happening is your graphics card is playing catch up when you are zooming.

Thanks for updating your profile.