Layout Scrapbooks of fasteners

Hello i couldn’t find this in existing threads and google search has not yielded much…
Can anyone point me to free layout scrapbooks or share any here that have fasteners (bolts, screws, nails, etc) and other building hardware for detailing use in layout. I had some scrapbooks on my old mac but they went poof. Thank you!!!

I don’t know of any scrapbooks of such things. You could get hardware components from the 3D Warehouse, create scenes in SketchUp to show them and use those scenes to create a scrapbook in LayOut.

FWIW, when I need to show hardware like that I generally add it as 3D components in SketchUp to show in the various scenes.

Thanks Dave; i found a free layout scrapbook years ago and boy do i rue not better saving it

It would be interesting to know where you found it.

I done found it