Default scrapbooks for architecture


I am not sure what I am missing as I am new to layout. I thought there would be more hatches and symbols in the default install. Since they arent in the install why cant I find an online place to download these. If all hatches need to be made from scratch or imported from elsewhere this really slows down the beginners and may cause some to give up.


Having the same problem. Just trying to draw a simple electrical symbol is driving me crazy. Got to be a simpler way to draw in layout.


Frankly I’m surprised - with all the willingness to “share” there is out there - that there is no good place to get scrapbooks. I’ve managed to find one or two but for now it seems everyone has to create their own. Perhaps if you look in the 3D Warehouse you can find 2D object, open them in LO, then save them as a scrapbook.


Here is one in But you need to be a member to download.

SketchUcation Arch Scrapbook


Here is another:

Tom Kaneko Design & Architecture


You make that sound like a bad thing. there are other scrapbooks available there, too.

I don’t share my scrapbooks because they are proprietary for my clients.


Sorry, didn’t mean to make it sound that way. I realize that many, myself included, take pride in their work - and they/we should. I was just commenting that with all the “sharing” of info and all the websites and downloads available - you’d (I’d) think “shared” scrapbooks would be more common. I am a member of Do you know of any others you could share with the community?

BTW: I’ve notice that you are a regular and attentive member of the forum - thanks for that.