Layout Component Attributes Autotext wrapping


This one is not really a major problem and may be something I’m missing, so thought I’d ask.

When I create Components in Sketchup, as well as naming the Component, I am now getting more into the habit of writing a description, as I can reference this in Layout. For example, a more detailed specification for a window, etc.

So, in Layout, when I annotate the object, (a window in this example), I have the option of using the Component Name or the Component Description.

When I use the Component Description it places all the text on one line.

So, is there a way to force the text to wrap onto more than one line. As can be appreciated, with a detailed description, all the text on one line makes it rather long.

The only way I have found around this is to convert the Autotext into normal text, then edit it to add returns in at various places to force it onto more lines. The downside with this is that it breaks the link with the Model.


Ah, I’ll try adding carriage returns into the Description in Sketchup and see if that works.

The other thing I’ll need to do is type in Upper Case, as all my labelling in Layout is Upper Case.