Layout 2020 PDF Export Mac - Same file exports huge on mac and small on pc

I just switched from PC to Macbook Pro 2019. I have a layout file that I am exporting to PDF. On PC, I never had issues with export file size. When I export this file on PC, it comes out to 5 MB. When I export the same file on Mac, it comes out to 121 MB. All export settings are seemingly the same. Has anyone else had issues with this?

Is there a difference in the Output Resolution setting in the Document Setup>Paper dialog?
Is there a difference in the “Use Jpeg compression” setting in the Export settings?
To me it sounds like if the mac is exporting totally uncompressed high-resolution bitmap images.


Hi, thanks for your response! “Output Resolution” and “Use Jpeg compression” setting are exactly the same on both computers

Have you got access to Adobe Acrobat or PDF XChange Editor or some other PDF processing application? It would be interesting to know what the file size reducing functions in these applications would get out of your bloated file.

what fonts are you using…


I’m currently using the default (helvetica) because I haven’t updated to our brand font yet. The PC document had Whitney family fonts in it. Are there certain fonts that create large exports?

Compressing the PDF gets it down to 7 MB. That is a nice temporary fix, thank you! I’d like to get down to the heart of the problem somehow. It seems like you’re right about it exporting a totally uncompressed, despite settings being set to compress.

What are the screen resolutions on the different platforms?