Layout 2019 dimensions


”* Fixed an issue where Run of Dimensions would display the wrong value with entities that are off axis.”
This is from 2019 release notes. Is this saying what I think it is? That I can be sure layout is reporting the value in plane and not some diagonal to a point out of plane?

Layout 2017 - Dimension when aligning is wrong

Yes, it’s saying what you think it’s saying and the fix is excellent. Off axis dimensioning works reliably now


@jbacusYou should shinning more light on things like this.


I’m glad you found this! Please let us know if you experience any issues with this fix, as it was a pretty complicated change to implement.



Although I’ve not tried it yet, does this mean it works on ISO views?


The dimension values will be correct, but I’m assuming you are asking if you can align your dimensions to an isometric view. The answer to that is unfortunately no, but that is a feature that we are aware that users would love to have in LayOut.