Layer tools and states for LO

I would like to see more layer tools in LO… but IMO the two more useful for drafting in LO would be Isolate & layer states.



Personally I would like to see more flexible layer management in LO as well, with the ability to import the layer configuration of the SU model linked to the viewport (or selected viewport if there are more than one).

do you want to bring the layers from SU to LO? I like it as it is right now…layers for modeling and organizing your model is one thing and layers for drafting are not much related IMO.

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Except when you need to export the work created in LO, supplying clients or
consultants with a dwg or dxf that isn’t properly organised and manageable
to them is a bit of a no-no. Not everyone appreciates the export from SU
that isn’t annotated, etc.

I haven’t had problems like that with consultants…I separated everything by layers in LO
4 layers for drawings imported from SU, Dimensions, Tags,grid, setback & propertylines, Datum, Elevations & sections, Interior elevations, General notes Tittle blocks, notes, furniture. ( this is for floorplans.)

I do that too, and yet I’d like to be able to access Sketchup Layers in LO list.

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