Language always resets

Hello Community!
I am currently trying out SketchUp Free and am loving it so far!
I just have one issue: I always need to set the language back to English in the app. I have set English as my preferred language in the account, but the app always starts in German, which probable is my browsers default.
It would be great if the setting in the app could be saved more permanently.
Is there a place where I can give this as a bug report or feature request?

I have added “bug” to the optional tag on the post title.

However… this might be something specific with to your browser setup and not a bug. I cannot reproduce in on my end. If I change the default language on SketchUp Free I can quit the browser and restart without resetting the language, my choice persists as long as I am logged in with my Trimble ID.

Here is my Setup and I am also logged in all the time:
Ubuntu 20.04.3
Firefox 95.0.1

I wonder if you have blocked cookies.

Ah, cookies! That helped, thanks!

It is still strange: If a page is usable when you ignore the cookie banner, I ignore it, or if not, then yes, I only allow the minimal settings. I fixed the situation here by deleting all cookies, login in again - there I ignored the cookie banner and now I load the app directly and it saves cookies, but does not ask for permission for that and I do not see any consent management tool where I could have changed the settings before.

My issue is solved here so, thanks!
If I can supply more information for a developer here, feel free to contact me! I am happy to help!

Update: Yesterday the setting persisted as I restarted the browser. Today after reboot? Back to german… -.-

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