Lag when Trying to Zoom and Move/Pan Camera in Sketchup 2023

Ever since installing the sketchup 2023, i have noticed lag when pressing the camera transport controls.
The first problem is encountered when trying to zoom the view, there is about a half second lag every time I press z and try to zoom. As the model size increases, the problems just get worse.
With large models, sketchup will freeze for up to 10 seconds when just trying to move or pan the scene.
Never had this problem until 2023.

Are you purging your model of unused components, overly large textures? Do you save to your local hard drive or someplace in the cloud? Are you using tags correctly. is your modal loaded with unused models from 3D warehouse. As everyone on the forum will say. Share your files so they can determine if there is something wrong.

What is large??

I guess you have downloaded a bunch of things from the 3D warehouse, probably those models or you are using 8K textures or bigger and are extremely detailed and heavy, probably trees or plants with millions of entities that are just assets. That’s the recipe for a laggy model, not only on sketchup but on any software.

Make your model available via download so someone can look at ti ans see if we can help you. Use we Transfer or dropbox.