Knowing what API Feature Requests have been requested?


Continuing the discussion from Align axes with a face and reset axes:

This SketchUp forum (built using the Discourse engine) is quite new, as of this posting. There have been at least 2 previous SketchUp forums, that used other engines. It was not possible to migrate the old historical postings to this new site.

So anyway, don’t be surprised that not much has been posted yet. (In addition, at least 2 of those were posted in the wrong place. Ie, they are not really Developer FRs.)

Also, keep in mind that the FR forum is for Ruby, and the C SDK, and any other programming interface for SketchUp and it’s world.

I am going from history. Because I came from using AutoCAD (for like 30 years,) which always had a UCS feature, the lack of axis exposure is one of the first things I noticed was missing from the SketchUp API.

I came to SketchUp in the initial 7.0 release, specifically to do Ruby API plugins.

I quickly found that the Google Groups sucked, and spent most time at SketchUcation which was running the phpBB forum engine.

So anyway, they are many old posts (at SCF,) where this issue (Axis class in the API,) is asked about and discussed.

Probably the are several Feature Request threads or topics there, and on the old forum Google groups, etc.

It has gotten to the point where I no longer remember all the API bugs and FRs that I or others have filed.

Old forum posts are not the easiest way to look things up.


API Dimension classes

These were one of the oldest and most often requested features missing from the API.

The have recently been exposed in the API.


I do not have a list ready… it would take awhile to compile.

Bear in mind that just because things are missing, does not mean that they will be added if requested.

The more developers that ask for an API feature give that feature a better chance.

Even so, in one case, multiple developers wanted a feature, but have been told not at this time. (Reason is the way the code under the hood is written. Such a feature would cause a higher number of crashes and bug splats.) We do have a hacky workaround, but it would be great if someday we didn’t need it. This was a request for a collection of open model objects (which would always have only one member on PC, until the Windows edition also becomes an MDI interface.)


If you see a missing feature or bug, then please submit it to us. Doesn’t matter if it’s been reported before. Having it reported against might raise the priority for the existing issue.

I don’t have an internal list to give you - but have I have a list I wrote up before BaseCamp 2012 - which is quite comprehensive. (And I made sure to file issues for this right after I started working at SketchUp :slight_smile: )

(Note that I haven’t maintained this and it’s quite likely to be out of date on some things.)

But as I said - it’s actually useful if you file requests even if it’s known. And please remember to include use cases. We have houndreds - if not in the thousands - of feature requests and bugs Everything needs to be priorities up against each other to see which one provide the best value for the given resources for each release.


I made a few notes in the margins.

Yes the Google Doc interface is not the best. Really a wiki might be better, with collapsible sections for each class.