Join two flat faces in sketchup web

Not sure what to call this task in sketchup go/web.
I’ve searched this community and youtube and can’t find a way to do this.
Most of what I see is for sketchup pro.

I have two objects loaded into sketchup web. They are similar to a cube.
I want to join two faces so the two objects are connected and become one model.

Is this task called align/connect/join in sketchup workflow?
The move task should have a method to move and connect two faces, but I can’t get it to work. Tried the ctrl and shift modifiers, but it isn’t working.

I’m thinking this task is simple and should be an obvious workflow to accomplish.
But like many task in SU it is not intuitive to do.

That all depends on exactly what you’ve modeled. If your objects are solids you could use Outer Shell to combine them.

I decided to redo the objects as one. Couldn’t determine how to join them.

The two objects need to be SketchUp Solids to be able to use the ‘Outer Shell’ function to join them.
Was this the problem?