Javascript from remote WebDialog not triggering

I have a situation where for one particular user (that I know of), javascript button actions triggered from a remotely hosted web-dialog are not triggering.

Licenses for PB, Artisan, and PlaceMaker are activated using a webdialog that is hosted remotely. I have recently received a report from a particular user that when he clicks the ‘Activate License’ button, absolutely nothing happens which, to me, indicates that the JS onclick event is not even executing. How can this be? He must have JS enabled because in order to open the activation dialog, he needs to first click on the button of a local web-dialog.

Any ideas?

I have never used the ‘allow_actions_from_host’ method for WebDialogs. Would this be a factor? And if so, why would this problem occur only for this particular user?


If it is happening for just some users and not others, it clearly has something to do with their local setup. For example, have they updated to the latest version of IE? If they are on Mac not Windows, have you tested on Mac (where javascript is asynchronous)?

This user is actually on Windows, which surprised me.

web.txt (862 Bytes)

Thanks Garry!

What version of SketchUp. I looked at the source, and at least in SU2017 that method is a no-op. (I’m not 100% when that changed.)

So this isn’t something you can reproduce yourself?

Do you know the configuration of the user? SU version? OS? OS version? IE/Webkit version? (Presuming we are talking about UI::WebDialog here?)

If the user is a Windows user - ask them to verify that they can access a website that require JavaScript. (I have used in the past)

I’ve run into cases where user’s IE installation was corrupt and JS was not functioning. (Wasn’t simply disabled.)

Thanks Thom - I’m asking the user if he can access jsfiddle and if he can update to the latest version of IE.

He is on SU2017, Windows and we are dealing with UI::WebDialogs.