Issue with referencing parent attributes


I am tinkering with dynamic components and have followed @TheOnlyAaron 's skillbuilder tutorials. Is it possible that there was a change in how parent attributes are referenced in recent versions of SU?

I am using the syntax =Attribute!Attribute to reference the parent attribute (as explained in Welcome to Dynamic Components Part 7 - Skill Builder - YouTube) but it keeps showing up as red indicating that the value is invalid; see below screenshot:

Hoping someone can explain to me what I am doing wrong :slight_smile:


You have two titles with the same name “Deur” so error as cannot determine which one. You can use the generic Parent!state or rename the second to deur2 by double click the title.

Even though it’s obvious which you are referring to, the software is yet to achieve your intelligence level


Lol, my intelligence level can not be that hard to achieve :rofl: And, that was spot on, thank you so much! :heart_eyes:

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