Is there any method to obtain the vertices of an internal loop that intersects with a face

I can get internal loop1 through method inner_loop = tem_face.loops - [tem_face.outer_loop].
But I can’t imagine any way to obtain loop0 through face.
May I ask if there is any method that can obtain loop0?
model.skp (102.1 KB)

When you ask a question like this, based upon a certain model, attach the SKP file to the initial post.
(You can edit your post and attach the file.)

From your image it looks to me that loop0 may be entangled with the “bow-tie” bug in SketchUp. That will make it strange to work with. Share your model and we can check if that’s happened.

Yeah, you are right. This should be a problem caused by “bow-tie” bug.I just searched for this bug on community. It’s very interesting. Even when I deleted the face composed of loop0, I did not extract this face from the large face.