Is there an online service for sketch up when you get stuck with a problem?

how can you get help when you are stuck on something

Ask here.

thank you, i created a floor plan in 2D. the video showed me how to create a wall tag. now I can’t seem to adjust the walls. I tried turning off tag but it still doesn’t work.

the tape measure doesn’t seem to work

You will get the fastest and most relevant assistance if you attach your model. Simply drag and drop the file from your computer into a reply window, unless it’s too large then you may need a file sharing service.

Seeing your model file helps us help you, otherwise we are guessing about what you are experiencing from you description. First guess is that you have made a group or component of the walls and are not opening it for editing.

can you please tell me how to export image?

Your profile indicates you are using SketchUp Pro 22 on a mac. First hit the reply button to my message here. In the reply use the 8th button across the top to upload a file. Navigate to where your file is stored on your computer and choose it. Then hit the big blue reply button once it’s done uploading.

Or you can navigate in the Finder to where your file is saved and drag and drop the file inot an open response window, then send, same thing.

floor plan 4 idi.skp (1.9 MB)

Your model suggests that the video you are watching is incorrect or you have misunderstood how to use tags.
Perhaps some time with the Tutorials at the Campus would get you going in the right direction with the fundamentals.

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Indeed, it appears you are erroneously attempting to isolate geometry using tags. This is not what tags do and not how they are used. Groups or components are the correct method of isolating geometry within a model. I would delete the walls tag from your model, choosing to assign the geometry with untagged. Then you should be able to push pull the geometry to extrude the wall into 3D. And also spend some time with the courses at the SketchPp Campus as suggested.