Is there a way to force inferences, such as geometric center, midpoint etc?


I often need to rotate and/or align objects from the geometric centers of faces…
Is there a way to tell SU to automatically find their geometric center on a face and ignore all other inferences?
In Autocad, for example, I can type in an alias in the command line (in mid command) and it will look for only that snap point…


maybe ThomThom’s “guide tools” ? But if it’s a geometric center the SU inference should be good? The Guide tools does add a center mark/guide which can be helpful.


I downloaded Guide Tools per recommendation.
Does anyone know if there’s a way to control which snap (inferences) Guide Tools (or SU built in inferences) snaps to?



Line: Hover mouse near center to find the midpoint

Circle, polygon, or arc: Hover mouse over endpoints until center-point appears

Move mouse to center-point

If there’s too much geometry in the way to click the right point, then you can put the part into a group/component & hide the rest of the model (Model Info > Components > Fade rest of model > Hide). That checkbox makes the rest of the model hidden when you edit components, then it un-hides when you exit the component.


There have been other threads which have called for a means of constraining snapping. Otherwise, when you get a lot of snapping points close together, you end up having to zoom in and out to ensure you get the right one.


What has always been an irritation to me is that in many situations SketchUp seems to give priority to the “From point outside active…” type inferences when the ones I am trying to snap to are mostly “direct” ones.


What if you toggle off visibility of ‘Rest of Model’? Don’t you shut off all other geometry except for maybe one or two endpoints that are still kept in memory, (and lower level nested geometry that’s still visible)?


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