Is there a way to execute Menu Commands?


In Javascript for Adobe Illustrator you can execute Menu Commands (see here
Is this possible in Ruby as well ?

Look up:


This lets you launch tools as if from the menu items, however, there’s no direct access to 3rd party extensions etc this way, and complex operations - like say launching the Circle tool, setting its normal, picking a center and then a point on the circumference to create a circle are not doable that way either [no ‘macro’ equivalent] - to do that there are API methods for doing most common operations - in the case of circle it’d be:

entities.add_circle(center, normal, radius, numsegs)

The Tool methods let you make a custom tool that looks very muck like a native one, but perhaps does something slightly differently.

e.g. my 2dTools Circle is always drawn flat on the ground, irrespective of the picked points’ heights and no face is added - unlike the native circle-tool…

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