Is there a way to do fold a rubber sheet


Busy to figure out how to fold a very thin flexible sheet, like EPDM. If I fold ( okay not really folding, just rotating blahblah ) something double it will glue to each other, group or not.

F.e I need to fold sheet parts between 70º-110º and the left over I have to fold it around 45º to get a straight standing corner. I guess it is a one way trip with no return.

Is there a way to do this? I have to fold and unfold during the design.

Is there a plugin? Did search the warehouse and sketchuation, but if it is not there or I did miss it.

Any suggestions?

Like always thank you

fredos radial bend will bend a sheet like you want but it sounds like youll need multiple copies of the components, some scenes created and layers of bent and unbent versions.

good thought, about multiply versions. funny thing is, I did use several copies to try different versions, but didn’t think about different fase’s/state versions.
Thank you.

Fredo’s tool will get downloaded in the morning.

I’m pretty average at SU. Maybe one of the sages will chime in.