Is there a tool for transformation of two 2D shapes?

I try to recall if there is a tool, maybe from Fredo tools which enables you to do a crazy thing. Similar as you use the follow me tool, but instead one 2D shape you have two shapes. One shape on the begin of the path and different shape on the end of path. So when you would use a tool similar to Follow me, it would generate a mix of two objects. An example: if you have a circle, you can generate a pipe using Follow me. If you have rectangle you can generate a prism. If you would use the tool I am looking for, the result would me combination of both … object’s shape look would be from a pipe to a prism.

Sounds a lot like Fredo’s Curviloft.

You might try the Spirix plugin … it has a morphing function. However, it takes a bit of planning and is not terribly easy to use. Plus it has a limited repertoire of paths it can follow (unlike the Follow Me tool).

Are both tools payed. I thought I already worked with some similar tool, maybe Fredo’s, but free. I cannot recall.