Is there a plugin for showing the models on screen in real size?

I tried searching words like “real size” in the plugins store, but nothing related to what I’m looking for was displayed.

What I’m trying to achieve is to display objects in my computer screen in their real size. I can accomplish that measuring them with a real, physical, rule, matching it, and saving the scene, but I wonder if there’s a plugin I can use to display them in real size every time I need to…

What is it you are modeling? What would you do with the display when you have it set up to full size?

The challenge with showing something on screen at real size is that you have to consider the screen resolution. How many pixels per inch is your screen displaying?

Sometimes I just want to have an impression of the real size: like being conscious each time that I’m not dealing with something too small or too big. Some other times I just want to compare parts to real things…

My screen is 1920x1080…

It’s actually more complicated. One has to address both the pixels-per-inch and the scaling setting of the display adapter. That is, many display adapters will allow you to scale your view so that display “points” are either larger or smaller than the physical pixels. Some scalings are even different x vs y - e.g. you may be able to tell your adapter to use 1280x1024 on your display, which isn’t the same x ratio as y. Many people with 4K or 5K find they need to scale by 150% or else things such as menus are too small to see.

So far as I know, the SketchUp Ruby API does not provide support for easily determining these factors. Maybe one of the code gurus will correct me.

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Why don’t you just add some object for reference?

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Also, just as to print at real size, you have to set the camera to parallel projection and orient the view flat-on to the surface of the object else foreshortening will affect the displayed length of edges.

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I guess you’re referring to the first need example, but it doesn’t work either: I can’t still be sure if a curve I’m doing in a particular part is too small…

Mmm, ok @slbaumgartner, it’s good to know that. Thanks!. I can now rest in peace (I mean just related to this matter) and search for alternatives instead… Will wait just in case there’s a “code guru” that has something else to say, but it looks that at least in terms of actual plugins, there isn’t such thing…

Too small for what? How about showing an example of what you are trying to draw?

I suggest a workaround:

Draw a horizontal line. Switch to Top View, Parallel Projection. Zoom to Extents (shift-Z). Take a real tape measure and measure the length of the line on your screen. Repeat with a vertical line.

Now, if you draw a rectangle with these dimensions and then zoom to extents, anything you model inside it will be to full scale on your screen when you zoom to extents, if your SketchUp model window keeps the same size and proportions. Better try this with SketchUp maximized. I just tried this, and it is accurate beyond my measuring capability.



Ja, ja! That’s awesome! Simple and brilliant!
Thanks @Anssi, I love it!
I can even do that with every object inside a file and hide the others when zooming to extents…
So elegant. Love it… :slight_smile:

Ha! Sometimes all the coding in the world can’t beat out a wooden ruler…

Indeed! :slight_smile:
Wait; are you a programmer!?

No, I make wooden rulers for a living!


Ja…! How convenient for both of us!: how many of them can I order for 695$ that I’m going to save from a Pro version of some big chunk of code? :wink:

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