Is the 3D Connection 3D mouse supported in free Sketchup?

Is the 3D Connection 3D mouse supported in the free SketchUp?
I have a 2019 Pro version that I used a old version of the 3D connection mouse with
and really loved it. Last year the demo version of SketchUp Pro did not work with the
old 3D mouse.

I have no idea what you mean by demo version -because it does not exist - but the newest SpaceMouse driver needs to be (re) installed after you install any new desktop version of Sketchup.

For the web version a 3rd party driver is here:

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You need to clarify what you mean by “the free SketchUp”. The only thing that officially has that name is the web-based version, which does not support the 3D mouse. If you mean a 7-day free trial of the desktop Pro version, yes, it is supported but as @dezmo wrote, the 3DConnexion driver must be installed after SketchUp.

there was a 30 day trial version, that is what I meant by demo version.

Thank you for the reply, yes, the 30 day trial version.

dezmo, sent me a link to a web version that “should” work with the Web version.
I only occasionally need 3D cad. I used to use it when my 3D printer was running
but I currently do not have a working 3D printer so the yearly subscription fee is
of my list of things to spend my SS on.