Is SketchUp for Schools not available to libraries who offer Educational STEAM programs for K-12?

Good Day!
I would like to register for the Edu version of Sketch up as I teach the STEAM programs at the library and would like to get our children and youth working more with 3D modelling. Unfortunately, I end up in a loop when trying to sign in with the error being cited as not having a .edu domain. However, we are a not for profit library that provides free educational services and thus I thought we too would likely be eligible for this service, am I wrong?

Hi @STEAM, thanks for the post! SketchUp for Schools is intended for k-12 schools only so as far as I understand our licensing, you are most likely not eligible for that version of SketchUp. I can check in with the rest of the team though and make sure one way or another.

You are more than welcome to use the free web version of SketchUp, although that does lack some of the classroom management tools found in the school version. It is still quite potent though and the curriculum we develop is usable in any version of SketchUp with a few minor adjustments.Just keep in mind that the EULA does require a minimum age to access the free web version.

If you find that you do need the extra tools offered in the other versions or are uncomfortable with the way the web version handles data, we offer discounted pricing for select groups like nonprofits through various reseller partners.