Is my laptop OK for SketchUp...?

Howdy All …I came across this while poking around for something else. Thought it was something someone could use or share. For those looking to install SU, especially on a laptop. As most present desktops meet the minimum needs.

Works on Mac or Windows, quick install, run and know in one minute. Did not know this existed and a cool tool for a lot of people
… Peace…

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Please note that SketchUp Checkup is only available for the Windows Operating System at this time…


thanks for that inclusion. I am using Windows and did not take the time to click on Mac selection.
Hope they can work it out for Mac as this will answer a question almost every new user has. THANKS…!!

not required because Apple hardware as well as hardware drivers are delivered form Apple only.

I would just ignore CheckUp. It has a very noisy output and until recently it had a bug where it displayed Graphics memory as being 1 MB or some other unreasonable number. If you want to know if SU runs on a computer you can just install it and see if it runs.


• SketchUp Help: SketchUp Hardware and Software Requirements