Is my file ready for laser cutting please?

Hi Everyone,
I am a bit of a newbie with this so I am hoping someone will be kind enough to give me some advice please.

I have prepared this file which is just the front view of a model I would like to have cut by laser. I have
done a couple before which have turned out OK but I do this so infrequently that I am never quiet sure if I am getting it right.

This will be cut out of corten steel and will form part of a sculpture. Could someone run their eye over it and let me know?clip teste v2r .skp (131.6 KB)

Thanks so much…

Hi Simon,

Is the shape settled upon completely? Or would you be interested in smoothing out the curve transitions. You have a bump at each of the transition points where the curve changes direction.

That might show up in the finished part. so I thought I’d ask.

Also, What file format do you want to export to?

Jim, thanks so much. Yes you are right about those curve transitions. I am not sure how to edit them out. Any ideas? I would like to have smooth sides all around.

I think it exports as dfx for my laser cutter guy. I did one before and it was dfx from memory. Is there any other common one to use?

Would something like this work? I used Bezier curves drawn with Fredo6’s Bezier Spline extension.


But, still a bump…

Hi Simon,

I Think DaveR offered a better solution than what I was going to tell you. I don’t remember what plug-in he suggested but using his Bezier Curve approach would result in a better set of curves than what you would have otherwise.

My comments were going to be to explode the curves, and then delete a few of the line segments off of each end… and just reconnect them again with a straight line.

But of course you don’t want flat spots in the path anymore than you’d want bumps so the straight line approach needs to be kept to a reasonable minimum.

Dave that seems to be a good solution. Did you just trace over the file I posted with this extension?

I assume its a plugin? Would you mind if I used your file? it looks pretty good and I will just have to work out the bump bit. But its a great improvement all the same.

I used your model as a guide and adjusted the Bezier curves to it.

Fredo6’s Bezier Spline is an extension. You can get it from Sketchucation.

Here’s the file: clip teste v2r .skp (100.4 KB)