Is it possible to subtract modeling objects created by sketchup into json form?

I want to export 3d modeled objects for AI education in json format by adding properties, is there a way

Yes, it is possible to export 3D models created in SketchUp into JSON format using plugins or extensions.

One such plugin is the “SketchUp to WebGL Exporter” which can export SketchUp models to JSON format that is suitable for web applications. Another plugin is “SketchUp JSON Exporter” which exports SketchUp models to JSON files that can be used in various 3D applications and games.

To export a SketchUp model as JSON, you can install one of these plugins, open the model you want to export, and select the plugin from the SketchUp menu. Follow the instructions provided by the plugin to export the model as a JSON file. Keep in mind that the resulting JSON file may not contain all of the information from the original SketchUp model, depending on the plugin used and the specific settings chosen during the export process.

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