Is a multiline Ruby inputbox prompt string possible? How?

Is it possible to create a multi line prompt in the ruby inputbox?

If so , how?

I know a text label can have a line break, using keyboard Ctrl+Enter on Mac or##x,q, \n on Windows

Is there any equivalent for a prompt string, to wrap a long prompt onto two lines?

Nope. This requires a HtmlDialog.

Thanks, Christina, for the confirmation. I was nearly but not quite sure that it wasn’t possible.

Pity. There’s a huge step up in complexity from inputbox to HTML Dialogue.

If you do everything yourself. But not if you stand on Thomas’ shoulders …

I’ll give that a go on my next project, Dan. It’s a ‘nice to have’ rather than necessary for the current plugin I’m writing to build on Flat Text to draw the numbers for scale rules.

When I’ve got all the functions working, as an exercise i might try to convert the inputbox to an HTML dialogue.

Thanks for the pointer. I remember looking at it or an earlier version a couple of years ago and deciding it was beyond my then Ruby skills, but I’m learning slowly.