Invoking a Standard Tool

I’m not sure I’ve done this before or if it makes much sense but here goes anyways:

I want to create a tool that will hide specific layers in my model and then invoke the built in SketchUp move tool. Is there a way to invoke another tool from a given tool in the API?

Do you mean something like that :

result = Sketchup.send_action("selectMoveTool:")
#or (officially “unsupported”):
same_result_in_win = Sketchup.send_action(21048)

I’ll give this a shot and report back.

This sounds more like a command than a tool.

But regardless, if done from within a custom Ruby tool, the tool would next get it’s deactivate callback method called and then the active tool for the model would change (if for instance you are also watching the toolstack with an observer.)