Intersecting two cylinders not a solid

And that’s what I’m doing. It is still a bug that should be fixed in software I payed a decent bit of money for. Thanks for the rhetoric though…

I hope it was evident from my post that I’m sympathetic to your position, as are many (most) users here.


I thought you were telling me to deal with it at first. I was up till about 3 am last night working on this. So I’m a bit tired at the moment. But yeah. It might be a minor issue for me now, but if I find myself working in more involved projects, it could get complicated.

Your graphic does not show what your instructions say. Are the intersecting cylinders the exact same diameter?

Teynon1 Gully is such a pleasant chap to deal with. I did this in 8 normal scale, Components did not work but I exploded them and the intersect went great.

I made a video walkthrough of the issue I was having:

The tearing in this video is worse than the small pieces that are visible. Trying to manually fix it takes quite a lot of work.

and this video shows the same thing, scaled up 100x which reveals that the issue goes away.


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