Intermediate User Needs Help

Fantastic! Now we’re talking. It’s obvious I’m lacking certain skills, but you just showed me a way to prevent all the problems. Spent to much time doing it the wrong way.

Thank you so much Steve

Hi Steve,

The video you sent me was great! I cleaned up one side and made the mortise and tenons, then copied and used Fling Along. Awesome!

Thanks for teaching me about that. Another learning step.


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You’re welcome!

You can also use the scale tool to mirror. It will snap to -1 scale (which is the same as mirroring it without changing the scaling). also, if you are interested in learning more about using sketch up try some of the tutorials on YouTube. SketchUcation also has a lot of good tutorials.

Good luck and happy modeling :slight_smile:

Hi Jen,

Learnt a lot from this post,especially “Flip along”, which I found amazing. Used this to complete my project attached.


English Garden Bench.skp (555 KB)