Integrating Html Dialog

It would be interesting the possibility of integrate your html dialog on the default tray (or not inside default tray but the possibility of integrate it on the right side of the Sketchup). I think it’s too annoying having two different windows (sketchup, and htmldialog)… It’s would be nicer and easier if it were only one.
What do you think?

A lot of people want this but unfortunately it cannot be done (as of now). You can however submit an issue for this in the SketchUp API Issue tracker (or upvote the existing issue if there is one).

I think it would be nice, too. When using SketchUp fullscreen (e.g. on notebooks) it makes the user interface clean and well-arranged. For example Inkscape and GIMP revamped their Gtk+3 UIs and moved content into trays.

However, there are two very different cases:

  • Dialog windows which the user closes after finishing interaction and before getting back to the model (thus called “dialog”). It must be obvious to the user where it is located and that interaction is required (confusing when it appears somewhere in a tray like in Inkscape). In most of these cases, it would be modal anyways (to block interaction with the parent window).
  • Perpetual windows where the user must interact with both the model and the window over a period of time, to inspect information or change/experiment with settings.

Some more thoughts:

  • Size constraints: Floating webdialogs/htmldialogs are only limited by screen size (although some developers don’t consider this), the tray size is limited and requires some more thought about UI design patterns. Of course one could use responsive layouts and when necessary view stacks (like mobiles with “back navigation”).

  • Better management of tray windows:

    • The more tray windows there are, the more does a user have to scroll (and there is the double scroll challenge). Users may need more efficient ways to temporarily add/remove dialogs from the tray.
    • The current tray is designed to permanently display all tray windows. An extension would want to pop up its dialog temporarily and then close it programmatically.
  • Changed focus behavior: For htmldialog developers, it usually was a challenge to get cursor/keyboard events in the viewport when a floating window is opened. If the window content is integrated in the tray, focus is not anymore determined by the focussed window, but the focussed widget within the main window (which can be the correct one in the tray, or unexpectedly another widget).

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