Insufficient memory in SketchUp Mobile Viewer (iPad) for 65MB?

Im new to both SKETCHUP and have just installed the SKETCH-UP Viewer for iPads, and am surprised to see that in the Viewer, I´m unable to visualise a 65MBs file, with rendering, generated in W10, which I´ve downloaded from my Dropbox, ; I´m getting a warning on the ipad (mini) that says “Insufficient memory to completely render this model, close all other aplications” which I do, but to no avail. Can this be so in this software?

Any ideas?



Did you purge the model of unneeded materials, styles and component definitions, etc., before uploading it to your Dropbox ?

Window > ModelInfo > Statistics (panel) > Purge Unused (button)

Thanks Dan!
Have just done it, will upload and try again.