Inserting web based sketchup into layout

Is it possible to insert web based sketchup model into Layout?

Yes, if you have Layout. In the upper left of the Web based sketchup is a menu icon of three lines, click on that and download, choose .skp. This will save the file to your computer in the standard sketchup format, then you can insert it as normal into Layout. It begs the question, if you have Layout then you have SketchUp Pro, so why use the web based modeler?

OK that makes sense. I just purchased pro so I am trying to make plans from what is already drawn up… also I was hoping to save memory space on my computer by using the web storage but apparently that is not an option. Thank you for the help!

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if you are going to answer through your email you should remove any personal details as they are posted on the internet. If you go to the forum site and look there you can edit you post and remove the details so they are not harvested by web crawling bots.

You should be working in Pro if you have it. It’s a superior program, if you really need to save disc space look into Trimble Connect which is included with your subscription. Any models that you include in a Layout file need to be on your computer so the link between the model and the Layout file can be maintained and updated.

Thank you. This was very helpful. I will start using the forum site instead of email as well.